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Who We Are

Support for Integrated Health Care Initiative (SIHCI) is a Health Development Civil Society Organization established in Uganda since 2004. It was formed by a team of dedicated professionals involved in various health fields in the country with the overall goal “to excel in health development”. Inception of SIHCI resulted from observations made on the inadequate health service delivery that has led to poor health conditions, life styles, contemptible health programming and weak health systems.




To have a healthy and self-sustaining society.


To promote Health for individuals, families and communities through innovative approaches and community participation.


Support and provide comprehensive health care services through participatory and integrated health interventions.



SIHCI works through the following Strategic Approaches:

Advocacy and Partnership Building; SIHCI not only advocates for conducive Health policies and promotes best and promising practices in Health Care service delivery but also policies that are non-health and impact on Health. SIHCI is keen to build alliances and partnerships for advocacy and Health Service delivery as well as focus on non-Health issues that impact on Health like the legal and regulatory framework and the Environment among others. SIHCI endeavours to partner and make alliances with other non-Health sectors to ensure access to health services is achieved.



SIHCI is not only keen to test new innovations in Health service delivery but also to find out the impact of these innovations. Through research, SIHCI is able to analyze impact assessment and testing new innovations